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What is Dharma?

I get so many questions regarding my choice of domain and site name. Why PhotoDharma? I am asked. Well...First of all, I do not have cable television, so I don't know anything about this television show, "Craig and Dharma" or whatever it is. Dharma is a sanskirt word, meaning, essentially, " ultimate duty" in a cosmic or spiritual sense. Sanatana dharma refers to the teachings of Hinduism. Dharma also refers, for many, to the teachings Siddartha Gautama, commonly refered to as Buddha. Since I have studied Buddha Dharma, feel an affinity to the Buddhist teachings, and practice zen meditation, I have adopted the name. also, I feel that it is in a way my duty to create the photographs, poetry and art that I create. Photo as you may well know, is Latin and means Light. So, my duty is light duty, after all.

So, what did the Buddha teach?

Here is Buddhism in the tightest nutshell I can find, and, according to my understanding, for what that is worth...
The Buddha taught

1. Life can be miserable.

2. We make ourselves miserable because we are selfish.

3. If we want to be less miserable we should be less selfish

4. To become less selfish (and cause less suffering) we should follow these eight simple instruction:
think right
have worthy goals
watch your mouth
act right (don't kill, steal, lie, be adulterous or get intoxicated)
have a proper livelihood (one that causes no suffering)
try your best
pay attention

That's it as I understand it, but you can learn a lot more here: