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tiger swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail on Lilacs

Monarch on Thistle

Monarch on Zinnia

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Painted Lady
American Painted Lady on Rudbeckia

Black Swallowtail
Black Swallowtail on Zinnia

Great Spangled Fritillary
Great Spangled Fritillary on Zinnia

tiger swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail on zinnia.

Cabbage White
Cabbage White on Echinacea

Read the Article in the New London Day about my butterfly garden!

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Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center

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The use of some of these photographs on-line has been offered to National Wildlife Federation. No other permission is granted to use these images. For information on how you can obtain a number of products bearing these images or permission or rights to use these or any other images on this site or in my archives, click here.

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These Butterflies have flown

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