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PhotoDharma! Mandalas

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it's turtles turtles turtles-all the way downtree of lifethe whole night sky


Support the National Wildlife Federation! Ten percent of all sales of these images will go to the NWF!

These drawings were created using a technique called pointilism, devised by Romantic painter, Georges Seurat.

These particular drawings were each created in one sitting each, ranging from 3 to 7 hours, and while I was engaged in a meditative state. The originals are hanging one someone's wall, already, but prints, t-shirts, etc., are all available.

Sweatshirts are $30.00 printed on a Hanes Sweatshirt, T-shirts are $20.00, printed on a Hanes Beefy T. Prints, matted and framed, are $125.00 for 8x10, $300.00 for sets of three, $75.00 for 5x7, $200.00 for sets of three. Postcards, box of 12 (4 of each) $5.00, Greeting Cards, box of 12 (4 of each) $7.00. Ten percent of all sales of these drawings, prints, shirts, greeting cards and postcards will be going to the National Wildlife Federation. Shirts can be printed with individual drawings, or all three as pictured here, all available in a variety of colored shirts, design black. These prices are not negotiable and do not include s/h or sales tax where applicable.*

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*Shipping and Handling, single shirt=$5.00, 2-5 shirts=$10.00, more than 5 shirts=$15.00/10items shipped. Prints, either size, single print=$5.00, set of 3=$10.00, more than 3=$15.00/10 items shipped. Greeting cards and postcards $1.00 s/h. per box of 12. CT residents add applicable sales tax.