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Anthony Baldwin

the madman behind photodharma...

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Born: 6 February 1969, New London, CT.
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om mane padme hum

what is dharma?
what is dharma?

Stuff I like:

New London Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends-my Quaker meeting

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church-My UU Church

Chenrezig Shrine-Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism Page

DharmaGate!-a directory of spiritual, religious and philanthropic resources on-line
actions speak louder than words on-line library with academic resources for students, parents and teachers.
go ahead, learn something...I dare you!

Child Reach-USA Member of Plan International-Serves children and their communities world wide.

National Wildlife Federation - Nature Conservancy - Defenders of Wildlife - Sierra Club

Bach, BlueGrass, Books, Baths, Babies, Bikes, Birthday Cake, and the color Blue.

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(I shot myself with a TRIPOD and cable release)