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Anthony Baldwin

award winning artistic photography & web design

(860) 701-0764 Office
(860) 235-8233 Cell

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the New London Day feature about me!


portrait samples

I shoot baby portraits, family portraits, school pictures, senior pictures, special occasions, such as weddings and bar mitzvahs, first communions, birthdays, etc. (For event packages, see below.) I will shoot for album covers, modeling portfolios, promotional materials and any other portrait need that you may devise or encounter. I shoot all portraits on location. Prices vary with the nature of the assignment, so contact me for an estimate. I shoot color or black-n-white film, and can create artistic giclee renderings from scans of your portraits, even altering color to b/w, handcolored, antiquing, and touching up or applying a variety of effects via PhotoShop 6.0.

Most Portrait Shoots, consisting of one 36 exposure roll of film, shot and printed in single 4x6 prints, will start at only $100.00. Additional prints, albums, digital work, web design and more listed below.

b/w giclee prints
artistic giclee prints

On-line Album

sample christmas album

sample wedding album

website I created for New London Friends Meeting

Big Screen Star Creation.

I can create an on-line album of your photos to share with friends and family, use as an on-line modeling portfolio, etc. For only $250.00 I will create up to four pages exhibiting up to 10 digitally optimized photos. Additional pages $50.00 each, and additional images $10.00 Acquire your own domain (ie. ) for an additional $50.00 (domain registers for one year, after which you may renew. All on-line albums will contain one 486x60 banner and text link on each page, crediting me for photography and webdesign. manipulation of images beyond simple web optimization, such as black&white rendering, antiquing, hand-coloring or touch-up requires additional time, and therefore an additional charge).



I offer several different packages for events. These prices and packages are suggested estimates, but I am flexible in regard to such matters. Extra charges are listed below. These estimates include one consultation previous to event, one event of up to 8 hours, processing of prints. All packages except 'Smiles' include one proofing session (go over prints).

artistic b/w giclee prints

Smiles Package

I shoot and hand over the film, up to 8 rolls of film (180-200 prints)

Only $500.00

Big Grins Package
best buy

I shoot and print up to 10 rolls of film, single 4x6 prints. I hand over all negatives and prints. You are free to print additional photos in any size at your convenience and at cost. I guarantee at least 50 photos to your complete satisfaction, but can often produce as may as 150 or more keepsake quality photos!
Includes one 8x10 artistic giclee portrait!


With KeepSake Album containing twenty 8x10 prints add $300.00
(additional prints available, see below)

artistic giclee portrait

Electric-Grin Package

I shoot and process up to 12 rolls, as above. I create an on-line wedding album for you to share with friends and family, exhibiting up to 10 photos of your choice on up to four pages, specially designed by me with your event theme/colors/logos, wedding vows, etc. Price includes one artistic digital creation, your photos on CD, and web optimization of selected photos


With KeepSake Album containing twenty 8x10 prints add $300.00
(additional prints availiable, see below)

Extras & Others

I will shoot gardens, homes, pets, vehicles, etc, for publishing, advertisement, or other purposes. Call for particulars.

VIDEO-I am also affiliated with PlayOmatic Media Group, INC., with whom I have collaborated on video production for events.

Additional 36 exposure rolls of film shot and processed per event package, $50.00 each (smiles pkg, w/o processing, only $35.00)

I can create extra prints in the usual sizes, or you may have them made with the negatives or CD that I provide. My prices:

  • 4x6 - $3.00 ea.
  • 5x7 - $9.00 ea.
  • 8x10 - $12.00 each
  • Photo CD - $25.00

Creation of additional pages and images on website: pages $50.00 each, optimized digital images $10.00

High quality KeepSake Album containing twenty 8x10 prints: $250.00

Additional artistic digital rendering of portraits: call for estimate

Additional giclee prints of artistic portrait:

  • 4x6 $5.00
  • 5x7 $12.00
  • 8x10 $25.00

Matting and framing of prints: call for estimates.

PlayOmatic Media

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