My Friends in India

Suresh & His Family

I have the wonderful priviledge of corresponding with Suresh and his family in Khari, India, through ChildReach.

Suresh was born on 6 December, 1992 to his parents, Hanuman Ram (not pictured) and Rupi Deva (Mom, above, same age as me). He has an older brother, Girdhari, and a big sister, Sanju (both pictured above). They all live on a farm of approximately 14 acres near, Khari, which is in the north western part of India, in the Bajju-Urmul area. They speak Marwari, one of the 1600 different languages spoken in India. They own one camel and eight cows, from which they produce 6 litres of milk, daily. Suresh and his family will use 2 litres and sell the rest at market. Khari is prone to drought during the summer season, which stretches from May to December. They own their farm and the five room mud-brick home in which they live. There is no electricity or indoor plumbing. The nearest cities, wherein one can find health care, etc., are Lunkaransar, 21 km away, and Kalu, 30 km away.

I have partenered with ChildReach to assist in providing access to basic amenities, like primary health care, drinking water, electricity and educational materials. Childreach is the U.S. member of Plan International. To learn more about ChildReach and how you, too, can be a part of helping and corresponding with a child in this or many other areas of the world: Click Here.

Suresh's father's name is interesting; Hanuman was the monkey-god of the Ramayana, a friend to Ram, himself. Ram is one of the avatars of Vishnu. Learn more about Hinduism at DharmaGate!

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